Future Of Web Design 2009 – FOWD

As I was gutted to miss FOWD in 2008, I decided to make a point of not missing it this year.  So I put my name down on the ‘early bird’ list along with @robking too as I was sure he’d be up for it.

Really looking forward to Brett Welch talk about marketing for start-ups and Mark Boulton on design and frontend goodness.  I’ve seen Drew McLellan and Elliot Jay Stocks before at Oxford Geek Nights and thought that both talks were great, especially Drew’s ability to use old school childrens programs as a metaphore for current web topics.

I’m not too sure who I’ll know at the event, we will meet up with Ben and Brett from FHOKE at some point and I expect to bump into others that I’ve spent time with at recent barcamps.

It’s been a little while since we decided to go to FOWD and we’ve been chatting about it on and off for a while. Now that it’s tomorrow we’re almost ready.  Rob has managed to arrange accommodation for us in Canary Wharf with a friend, so that’s awesome! (Thanks Sheena)

Looking forward to the FOWD experience.!

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